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Uniquely Positioned to Meet Your Statewide Needs

Many real estate professionals conduct business in multiple counties, making it necessary to maintain relationships with numerous title search and insurance companies. Managing this process can be burdensome, having to match up companies and counties just to place and order. And the potential problems don't end there. After the order is placed, you are forced to deal with different contacts for customer service and order follow-up. Later, you will no doubt receive a variety of product formats, depending on the number of companies you deal with. But with Monroe's network of statewide offices, we are uniquely positioned to handle your multiple county needs. From our experience, we have learned that managing these needs is a full-time job. That's why our Statewide Contract Administrator's only responsibility is to make it easier for you to do business statewide. Instead of placing orders all over the state, you simply fax or e-mail them to our Statewide Contract Administrator who does the rest. Your order is immediately transferred to the appropriate office for processing. We track the order from start to finish and return it within an agreed upon time. If you have any questions about your order, you have a single contact who will provide the responsive service you deserve. Plus, you get a consistent product that's user friendly. Whether you're a banker looking for last owner searches for home equity products; an attorney requiring foreclosure searches and title insurance; or a real estate professional doing business in more than one county - one call does it all. Click here to contact our statewide office.

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