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  1. When a Company issues a loan policy on a mortgage made simultaneously with the purchase of all or part of the residential (one to four family) property securing the mortgage, where no owner's policy has been ordered, the Company shall inform the borrower in writing that the mortgagee's policy does not protect the borrower, and that the borrower may obtain an owner's title insurance policy for his/her protection. This notice must be provided before disbursement of the loan proceeds and before issuance of the mortgagee's policy. The notice must be on a form approved by the Superintendent of Insurance.

  2. If the borrower elects not to purchase an owner's title insurance policy, the Company shall obtain from the borrower a statement in writing that the notice has been received and that the borrower waives the right to purchase an owner's title insurance policy. If the buyer refuses to provide the statement and waiver, the Company shall so note in the file. The statement and waiver must be on a form approved by the Superintendent of Insurance and must be retained by the Company for at least five years after receipt.

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